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Hem Chand Mahindra Foundation(HCMF) commissions articles which are on the cutting edge of wildlife conservation and other wildlife related articles.
Any reader who desires to get a copy of the published articles,without cost,may contact ashok mahindra through the Contact Section.
HCMF reserves the right to send the articles published at its discretion.

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In Elephant Country

An article by ashok mahindra published in 2015 by Saevus Magazine ...more

Savings Asia's Pride

A study carried out at Gir and published in 2018 by Saevus Magazine on the man-animal conflict as Asiatic Lion numbers increase in Gir National Park and its adjoining areas. ...more

Management of pilgrim traffic in protected areas

A study carried out at Bandhavgarh and published in 2016 by Saevus Magazine ...more

Safari Lessons from East Africa

An article by ashok mahindra published in 2017 by Saevus Magazine ...more