Techniques for Wildlife Photography

ashok mahindra's techniques for wildlife photography

Story required, not a field guide

  • Use Exposure Mode - Manual with Auto ISO

  • Use Back Button Focus

  • Use AF-C only

  • Use Single point Auto-focus

  • For flying targets move to Group-Area AF or Dynamic -Area AF(25 or 72 points)

  • Aim for the eyes

  • Get down for eye level shots

  • Decide on the composition first and then move the AF point as close to the eye as possible

  • Centre is boring!

  • Use adequate shutter speed for sharp photos

  • Shoot in "Burst Mode",at the fastest frame rate for your camera when action starts

  • Move closer to the subject, if possible to avoid heat refraction(waves)

  • Shoot in RAW

  • Keep the histogram more towards the left axis without touching it.Histogram touching the right axis is bad news

  • Toggle between "Blinkies" & "Histograms",to get the right exposure

Set Custom Control Assignments:

  • Pv Button: AF-Area Mode + Group Area AF

  • Fn1 Button: AF-Area Mode + Dynamic-AreaAF(25 points)

  • Lens Focus Function Button:AF-Area mode + Dynamic-Area AF(72 points)

  • Sub-Selector Centre: Viewfinder Virtual Horizon

Multi-Selector Centre Button

  • Shooting Mode: Centre Focus Point

  • Playback Mode: View Histograms

  • Live View:Centre Focus Point