Hem Chand Mahindra Foundation(HCMF)

[Ashok Mahindra and his brother Vinod set up the "Hem Chand Mahindra Foundation"(HCMF) to support conservation of wildlife and its habitat and other charitable activities.

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Dr.Asad Rahmani is the Scientific Advisor to the HCMF.


  • African Wild Dog Dispersal Project in Botswana in collaboration with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust(pending)


  • Contribution to the Corpus Fund

  • Training guides and rickshaw pullers at Keoladeo National Park(Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary)


  • Contribution to the Corpus Fund

  • Building watch towers in villages to mitigate human-elephant conflict at Kaziranga

  • Support to attend Conservation Asia Conference,2018

  • Supporting Conservation Education at Kaziranga

  • Supporting the Jungle Jasoos Conservation Game for village children around Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Building "Highlands" at villages at Kaziranga to provide relief to their livestock during annual floods and as a community centre.

With villagers for "Highland" project at Kaziranga,2018
With villagers for "Highland" project at Kaziranga,2018

  • Supporting the publication of a Photo Book on the 25th Anniversary of TCF.


  • BNHS,Conservation Centre,Delhi programmes for school children from underprivileged backgrounds.

  • Sponsored the coffee-table photo book titled"India"s Magical Diversity" by Dr Asad Rahmani & Dhritiman Mukherjee published by BNHS & Oxford University Press(OUP).


  • Wildlife Warrior Awards programme for Forest Guards at certain national parks

  • Natural Capital Olympiad which encourages children to learn and understand all things green and to connect with nature.

  • All India Quiz programme with 40 Rotary Clubs across India relating to nature and wildlife for school children.

  • Sponsored Articles for Temple traffic at Bandhavgarh and Asiatic Lions at Gir with external researchers.

  • Sponsored the special supplement on the Abor expedition in Arunachal Pradesh in Saevus Magazine in March,2019 issue

  • A photography and conservation workshop for young wildlife photographers with economic constraints.Held for six years at Ranthambhore, Kaziranga, Bharatpur, Kanha, Kaziranga & Bharatpur.

Participants to Y4C Workshop,Kaziranga,2018
Participants to Y4C Workshop,Kaziranga,2018


  • Villager Wildlife Volunteer Programme - a unique example of successful collaboration between the Forest Department and an NGO in the conservation of wildlife by involving local communities.

  • Sponsored the coffee-table photo book, titled "Unexplored Ranthambhore" by Dharmendra & Divya Khandal,in 2018.


  • Support to a dissertation on free-ranging dog ecology in Ladakh by a resercher

  • Providing travel grants to research students for international conferences.

  • Sponsored the Abor Expedition in Arunachal Pradesh.Photographs by Dhritiman Mukherjee




  • Travel & wildlife funds to John Martyn Memorial School (JMMS),Dehra Dun,Nirmal Primary School (NPS),Delhi and the Aasaraa Trust-all for underprivileged children.

Dr.Asad Rahmani with Trustees of Nirmal Primary School,January,2018
Dr.Asad Rahmani with Trustees of Nirmal Primary School,January,2018


  • Painting Competition for school children to celebrate Earth Day,2018 organised by the Durgapur Viswagandha Science Society, Durgapur,West Bengal.


  • John Martyn Memorial School,Dehradun - a school for poor rural children - for scholarships to deserving students and for infrastructure,like computers and school bus.

  • Chinmaya Jagriti run by the Chinmaya Trust for children from the economically weaker sections of society

  • Dr.Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital,Daryaganj,Delhi,a hospital for the economically weaker sections of society.

  • Aasaraa Trust,Dehradun to help the street children of Dehradun.

  • Heart to Heart Society,Chandigarh towards medicines for poor and needy patients.

  • Vanangana towards help in cases involving violence against women

  • Tourism & Wildlife Society of India for holding the 22nd Indian Birding Fair at Jaipur

  • Kashmir House Bursary Fund for the education of children of Kashmir House Old Boy's at the Doon School,Dehradun.

  • Doon School,Dehradun towards a new modern"Smart Class Room" at the Main Building.

Inaugurating Smart Class Room at Doon School,Dehradun,October,2017
Inaugurating Smart Class Room at Doon School,Dehradun,October,2017

Plaque installed  in memory at Smart Class Room donated to Doon School,Dehradun,October,2017
Plaque installed in memory at Smart Class Room donated to Doon School,Dehradun,October,2017